The Benefits of a Cast Iron Barbecue Grill Grate

Do you ever stop and think about your barbecue grill grate or is it one of those things you just take for granted? Do you wash it meticulously every time you use it or give it a cursory scrape before using it again? Everyone has their own ways of grilling, and there are dozens of different kinds of grills that come with different kinds of grates. Some of the most lavish and expensive grills have cast iron grates in them. You may already know that cast iron provides an ideal cooking surface which spreads heat evenly and keeps foods from burning so easily. However, most of us are unable to afford a high-end barbecue grill with a grate like this and have to settle for the cheaper models that are often equipped with less-than-ideal cooking grates.

You may be glad to learn that you can buy a separate cast iron grate to fit onto your grill, and it isn’t going to be all that expensive. Several companies offer grates made from cast iron. Lodge Cast Iron, situated in South Pittsburg, TN, has built a reputation for fine iron cookware. The company also makes barbecue grill grates and other accessories to use when grilling. Lodge grates are designed to heat slowly to give you a consistent cooking surface and temperature. Although you can buy most Lodge products unseasoned, you might prefer buying one of their pre-seasoned grates. What this means is that you’ll be able to use the grate right out of the box instead of having to spend time seasoning it yourself.

If you have always liked using Weber grills and equipment, you’ll be able to purchase a cast iron grate made to fit several specific models. Weber, a premier maker of top-quality barbecue grills, offers porcelain-enameled iron grates for certain grill models. This process is achieved by cooking the porcelain enamel right into the iron. The enamel will keep the grate from rusting without detracting from the look and feel of the cast iron. These Weber barbecue grill grates run about double the price of the Lodge models, but they are designed to perfectly fit their Genesis and Spirit gas grills.